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HELP WebUI The Help System is available through the WebUI. CONTEXT SENSITIVE HELP Context sensitive Help is provided when placing the mouse over any configuration setting. The Registry Key related to the setting is displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the WebUI display. Pressing F1 or clicking on the displayed Registry Key enters the Help System displaying information about the key if available in a new browser tab. A search is otherwise performed. The original Registry Specification document is also supplied with the JNIOR and can be reached using the 'Registry Documentation' link located under the Registry tab in the WebUI. HELP SYSTEM The Help System itself can be reached using the '[Help System]' link located at the bottom right of the WebUI display. This opens the Help System under a new browser tab and displays an exhaustive list of available Help Topics. Click on any topic for additional information. The Help System header also provides access to a list of all of the Console commands. This is a subset of topics. There is also a link specifically for Technical Support and the topic provides details on contacting INTEG. PRINTABLE MANUAL The Help System can generate a Users Manual with content specific to the current JNIOR. This not only includes Help information for the version of JANOS operating system but also any that is available for installed applications. The Users Manual appears in the browser fully paginated with a Table of Contents and Index ready for printing. It is suggested that this manual be saved as a PDF as opposed to hard copy printing. It is a useful reference and helpful in exploring the JNIOR. SEARCHING A Search link opens a small dialog requesting a search term to be used in performing a simple scan of Help Topics. The top 10 resulting topics are displayed in decreasing relevance along with the collection of words surrounding the located search terms. The entire set of matched topics can be displayed from the command line using the HELP -S search command. Matching topics are scored and displayed in decreasing score. While the score itself is abstract you can display it. Define a Help/ShowScore Registry key setting it to "true". This will include the scores with the results. Searches, especially when searching for a very common term, can take several seconds to complete. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: USERS_MANUAL, HELP [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:388]