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WebUI Web Development DESCRIPTION By default the JANOS WebServer provides access to the Dynamic Configuration Pages User Interface (WebUI). This default website provides immediate access to JNIOR I/O, product configuration, command line console (CLI) services, file management and much more. The entire product can be managed through this one connection and a remote browser. OPERATION When a browser accesses the JNIOR IP address the WebServer looks to the default root location /flash/www for a Home Page named index.html or index.php . The WebServer also looks in /flash/public where pages not subject to authentication can be placed. No home page will be found in these locations on a factory fresh JNIOR. When a home page is not found in the normal root locations the WebServer refers to the /WebServer/Path Registry key for additional paths to search. The default value of that key is /flash/www/config . The WebServer then looks in that folder for a home page. This would be the same location that a URL would reach had it included the /config sub-folder after the units IP address or domain name. On a factory fresh unit the /flash/www/config folder is not present. Here a unique feature of the JANOS WebServer comes into play. The ZIP library named /flash/www/config.zip in fact is present on a new JNIOR. This file actually creates a virtual folder providing content at the /flash/www/config location. A home page providing the JANOS WebUI will be located in this file along with all of the other files necessary to support this default website. NOTES A custom website can be designed and served by the JNIOR. These new pages can be located in the /flash/www default WebServer root folder. This will then be found by the browser overriding the default configuration. Access to the default WebUI will remain possible simply by including the /config folder in the URL when accessing the JNIOR. A /flash/www.zip file can also house a custom website. The Webserver in checking the defualt /flash/www root folder will find the desired home page from the virtual folder created by /flash/www.zip . If a file is found in an actual folder the WebServer stops the search. This file then would override any file by the same name present in a corresponding virtual folder. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: /Webserver/Path, WEBSERVER [/flash/manpages/program.hlp:183]