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WebServer/Root Registry Key NAME /WebServer/Root DEFAULT /flash/www DESCRIPTION This specifies the folder within the JNIOR file system that represents the root of the website. This is the folder that would contain the default website home page and the related pages would be located in this folder or in subfolders. The default is /flash/www . This folder must be specified as absolute from the root of the file system (starting with a '/'). The trailing '/' is optional. Files required for a website may be located in folders under the root or may be completely contained within a ZIP library creating a virtual folder. A website located in this default root will require a login if WebServer/Login is enabled (default). If the JNIOR is to serve a public site then the home page can be located in the /flash/public folder which is not subject to the authentication requirement. The /flash/public location is always checked the /WebServer/Root location. This provides the ability to have a public site while still requiring login for the WebUI. The WebUI is typically located in /flash/www/config.zip . SEE ALSO HELP Topics: WebServer/Index, ZIP, WebServer/Login [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:1913]