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/WebServer/Path Registry Key NAME /WebServer/Path DEFAULT /flash/www/config DESCRIPTION This is used to specify alternate search paths for web content. The JNIOR first searches the /flash/public folder and then the /WebServer/Root folder. The default for that is /flash/www . If the requested page is not located then each path defined in the /WebServer/Path key will be searched in sequence. Paths must be specified from the root of the file system starting with a '/' and a trailing '/' is optional. Multiple paths must be separated by a semicolon ';'. NOTES The default WebUI is supplied completely enclosed in a single library file named /flash/www/config.zip . A ZIP file creates a virtual folder from which pages may be served. The default for this Registry key is /flash/www/config creating a path to the WebUI. In the absence of a custom website the WebServer looks next to the path specified by this key. With the default it looks for the home page in the folder /flash/www/config and that folder does not exist. Instead it finds the virtual folder created by the ZIP file and in that library it locates a suitable home page. That home page serves the JANOS WebUI. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: ZIP [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:1943]