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Users/IgnoreDefault Registry Key NAME Users/IgnoreDefault DEFAULT false DESCRIPTION The JNIOR comes with two (2) default Administrator accounts. These are the 'jnior' and 'admin' accounts whose default passwords are 'jnior' and 'admin' respectively. This represents a significant security risk if either account is left active with the default password. Users often alter the 'jnior' account password but neglect to adjust the 'admin' account or vice versa. Periodically JANOS will post a warning to the jniorsys.log file if either default account is determined to still be using the default password. If you do forget your administrator password(s), the SAFE_MODE access procedure may be used to regain control of your JNIOR. You can then assign a new password. If you are comfortable with the risk and would like to continue to use the default accounts and passwords, you can eliminate the warnings by setting this Registry key to TRUE. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: DEFAULT_ACCOUNTS, SAFEMODE [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:978]