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SSL/Cert/SAN Registry Key NAME SSL/Cert/SAN DEFAULT List of Hostname, Birth Name and IP Address DESCRIPTION Certificates are expected to be created for specific domains and should match the URL used to access the unit. The Common Name or FQDN is by default defined to be the hostname for the JNIOR. Additional identities are included in every certificate. This is accomplished using the Subject Alternate Name extension. This extension adds the IP address (both in binary and text forms), the hostname (if not the defined Common Name), and the default hostname ('jr' with serial number) to every certificate. If you also want to access the unit using different domain names you can add additional DNS names using this Registry key. One or more names may be added using comma (,) separated list. These will also appear in the Subject Alternative Name extension. Note that you will need to regenerate your certificate if you make changes to SSL/Cert keys. Use the CERTMGR -C. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: SSL/Cert/E, SSL/Cert/CN, CERTMGR [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:1195]