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Access Configuration USING THE REGISTRY Configuration is likely best performed using the Dynamic Configuration Pages (WebUI). Once the JNIOR is connected to the network the browser can be used to open the WebUI with the unit's IP address. The JNIOR is configured by default to open the WebUI. An administrator login is required to access the Registry. The 'Configuration' tab of the WebUI provides an organized form-oriented means for adjusting the various configuration settings. In this section you are provided with over a dozen different categories. These settings affect both how the JNIOR operates and how the WebUI displays information. Not all of the valid and useful Registry Keys are presented within this section but only the most common and appropriate settings for each category. Certain advanced settings will need to be made manually by a different means. The unit's Network configuration, for instance, may be easily adjusted here. The WebUI also provides a 'Registry' tab. This section shows the raw content of the Registry Keys in a form similar to a file explorer. Only those keys with values are shown. You can add, remove or edit any Registry Key using this tab. Here you are required to know specifically what key or keys you want to change. This is most appropriate for advanced administrators. This provides a graphical user interface for Registry Key management. The Console tab in the WebUI provides access to the JANOS Command Line Console. This is the same command line facility that can be accessed using a Terminal or Telnet application to open the standard Telnet port (port 23) over the network. Even in the absence of a network connection you may open the console by making a serial connection to the COM port located to the right of the Ethernet/LAN connection on the JNIOR. If you are working with a Windows based PC you may download and install the INTEG Support Tool. The installer is available from our website at jnior.com . Once the Support Tool is opened the Beacon tab will display all of the JNIORs located on the current network segment. If you right-click any JNIOR the resulting context menu will provide access to the unit's WebUI, a Telnet application, and many other useful functions. The Support Tool also provides a Registry Editor tab through which you can add, remove and edit content as needed for the selected JNIOR. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: WEBUI, REG [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:41]