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Power Supply JNIOR should be powered by a 12VDC regulated power supply capable of providing up to 1 AMP of current. The Model 410, 412 and 414 can use a range of supply voltage including AC although use of a 12VDC supply is highly recommended. The flexibility is provided for applications that may need to operate in unique situations. The unit will operate reliably with voltages as low as 10VDC and as high as 24VDC. Use of voltages much above 12VDC may lead to excessive waste energy in terms of heat and perhaps reduced product life. An AC voltage source may be used to power these models. In this case it is the peak voltage that is of concern. An AC supply in excess of 16VAC (RMS Voltage Vrms) has peaks over 24V and will exceed the rated maximum for the product. An advantage to the AC capability is that the DC supply leads may be accidentally miswired in reverse and the product will still operate. The 412DMX must use a 12VDC source. Connector The PWR connector is 4-pin terminal block header on a 0.200" (5.08 mm) pitch (Weidmuller 1515110000 for instance). The proper 4-pin screw terminal plug is supplied with an INTEG Power Supply or with the 5-piece connector kit. Connections The two left positions (closest to the corner of the JNIOR) are (+) positive voltage inputs and the two right positions the (-) voltage inputs. The pin pairs are buses (connected internally) allowing you to tap off of the power supply for additional I/O wiring. This should be done with care as switching noise and other issues may result from the external connections that can interfere with the JNIOR power quality causing reboots or other events. + 12VDC - | | | | + + - - +-----------------+ | (\) (|) (/) (\) | Screw Terminal +-----------------+ Block | | | | | | | | | | --- --- --- --- NOTES The Models 410, 412 and 414 will operate if the power supply positive and negative wires are reversed. The 412DMX requires proper wiring. Care should be taken if you plan to tap the supplied voltage for other uses. Use a voltmeter to verify proper polarity. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: MODELS [/flash/manpages/hardware.hlp:53]