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Licensing Legal TERMS OF USE INTEG grants the end-user or business entity ("Customers") using INTEG products full license to employ these products as desired provided that the use is completely legal as per any and all applicable laws and regulations. These products are not certified for, and therefore not licensed for, use in any life safety situation wherein the operation of the product could place any person(s) or animal(s) at risk of injury or death. FIRMWARE LICENSE The JANOS operating system ("Firmware") remains the property of INTEG Process Group. The operating system code and associated runtime libraries (such as JanosClasses.jar) as well as any future updates are licensed for use only with INTEG products. INTEG reserves all associated Rights. This Firmware is proprietary to INTEG and is protected under Copyright law. Reverse Engineering and any use of any portion of the Firmware in any situation unrelated to INTEG products is strictly forbidden. APPLICATIONS Applications, developed for the JNIOR and generally made available by INTEG to all Customers, are fully licensed for use with any INTEG product. Custom applications developed specifically for individual Customers under paid contract are thereby property of Customers. INTEG will not distribute such applications directly. INTEG encourages Customers to develop their own applications and will support their efforts. [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:157]