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JMP Protocol SYSTEM LOGGING JANOS logs system events to the jniorsys.log file. When this file reaches a certain size it is aged to the jniorsys.log.bak file. The content of the latter is discarded. As a result there can be as much as 128KB of system logs. The "Syslog Read" request will return the log history in sequence from oldest to latest. This includes both the content of both files, as much as 128KB worth of log information. TRANSMITTED RECEIVED { "Message":"Syslog Read" } { "Message":"Syslog Read Response", "Data":[ "10/10/16 10:28:16.645, -- JANOS 410 ...", "10/10/16 10:28:16.683, Registry expo...", "10/10/16 10:28:17.791, Added: WebSer...", . . . "10/20/16 12:55:26.582, -- JANOS 410 ...", "10/20/16 12:55:26.596, ** Warning: P...", "10/20/16 12:55:49.467, Requesting ti...", "10/20/16 12:55:55.000, Clock synchro...", "10/20/16 13:26:15.698, Starting sess...", "10/20/16 13:26:15.939, Successful lo...", "10/20/16 14:02:33.633, FTP/", "10/20/16 14:02:40.130, FTP/" ] } Note that the "Syslog Read Response" can be quite lengthy. Each line of the log is supplied in sequence in the "Data" string array. As new entries are posted to the jniorsys.log file the JMP Server will supply them. This is a real-time update and these messages are unsolicited. Note here the the "Data" is simply a string and not an array. These messages supply one line at a time. { "Message":"Syslog Update", "Data":"10/20/16 14:11:10.561, [logger] This is a new log entry" } [/flash/manpages/protocol.hlp:1728]