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IpConfig/SyslogServer Registry Key NAME IpConfig/SyslogServer DEFAULT None DESCRIPTION This defines the address of a Syslog Server that accepts System Log messages. This may be optionally specified to remotely log system status messages. This is typically the information found in the jniorsys.log file. Changes take effect immediately. The format for the IpConfig/SyslogServer key is as follows: IpConfig/SyslogServer = ServerAddress [, ServerPort] By default the ServerAddress is not set and no SYSLOG transmissions occur. You can set the ServerAddress through the IPCONFIG -L command syntax. The standard Syslog port number is 514. You may optionally specify a custom port number following the ServerAddress separated by a comma. This must be accomplished through the WebUI or by setting the Registry key directly. If you set the SYSLOG server address using the IPCONFIG command the default port will be used. Typically SYSLOG postings reflect the jniorsys.log entries. You may post manually to the system log file using the LOGGER command or directly to the SYSLOG server with the LOGGER -R syntax. Applications may also optionally post directly to the syslog server. JANOS will allow you to configure a broadcast address ( This may be helpful if you want to support multiple SYSLOG destinations or monitor postings to an existing SYSLOG server. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: LOGGER [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:573]