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IpConfig/Promiscuous Registry Key NAME IpConfig/Promiscuous DEFAULT disabled DESCRIPTION By default the network capture collects packets that specifically reference either the JNIOR’s MAC address or IP address either as the source or destination. This then excludes general broadcasts and any other unrelated network traffic that the unit may see. If you need to see all of the network traffic set this Registry key to "enabled". This will enable Promiscuous Mode and the capture of all network traffic that reaches the JNIOR. Note that changes in this setting do not require a reboot and take effect immediately. Network switches  and routers generally optimize network traffic and present devices with the subset of communications that are specifically addressed for that destination. In Promiscuous Mode you will generally receive additional broadcast packets and packets addressed to other possibly non-existing devices which the switch or router has yet to locate and filter. NOTES The network hub has been obsoleted by the network switch as traffic and bandwidth optimization is a good thing. However the older technology in the hub may be desirable if you need to analyze communications between two other devices. The hub forwards all network traffic to all interconnected devices. The JNIOR in Promiscuous Mode can then capture packet traffic between the other devices. This may be very useful in debugging larger multi-device systems. If you own a hub you should hang onto it as it can be a useful debugging tool when used as a temporary network switch replacement. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: FILTERING, NETSTAT [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:703]