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IpConfig/NetBIOS Registry Key NAME IpConfig/NetBIOS DEFAULT enabled DESCRIPTION You can access the JNIOR using the unit's Hostname. The process required to convert the text name into the IP address needed to locate the JNIOR on the network is called Name Resolution . Most computers will attempt to utilize NetBIOS in resolving a name. By default the JNIOR supports this method. You may need to specifically enable it on some Linux based machines. This Registry key can be used to disable the NetBIOS service. The NBTSTAT command displays the current NetBIOS status for the JNIOR. Note that the unit registers the Hostname and the default name which is "jr" combined with the Serial Number (jr615010258 for instance). The latter is considered to be the unit's Birth Name. Only the first 15 alphanumeric characters of the current Hostname are used and the default Birth Name is always available. You can use these names in addition to the IP address to reach the JNIOR. NOTES When DHCP is enabled the assigned IP address may remain stable for a long time but it is subject to change. Access using the Hostname will avoid loss of connectivity. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: HOSTNAME, NBTSTAT [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:824]