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IpConfig/MTU Registry Key NAME IpConfig/MTU DEFAULT 1500 (bytes) DESCRIPTION This Registry key defines the maximum size of packets transmitted over the Ethernet port. The Maximum Segment Size (MSS) is defined as MTU - 40 (40 bytes less than the MTU setting) and no packet will be transmitted with a payload exceeding this size. Regardless of the MTU setting JNIOR will properly receive packets of any size up to the standard network MTU of 1500. The product ignores Jumbo packets upon their arrival. Valid MTU settings are 400 to 1500 inclusive. A change in MTU setting applies to all Ethernet connections and takes effect upon reboot. NOTES MTU issues are generally a thing of the past. It is unlikely that you will need to change this setting. [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:519]