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IpConfig/LLMNR Registry Key NAME IpConfig/LLMNR DEFAULT disabled DESCRIPTION You can access the JNIOR using the unit's Hostname. The process required to convert the text name into the IP address needed to locate the JNIOR on the network is called Name Resolution . A computer might utilize a local DNS server or attempt a NetBIOS name query to do this. An alternative is Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR). This has not been adopted as an IETF standard. The JNIOR is capable of performing LLMNR and the feature can be enabled by this Registry key. LLMNR is disabled by default as some systems currently consider it unsafe. When attempting to resolve a name it may be possible for a malicious system to offer an incorrect IP address and thereby intercept communications. At that point a login might be requested and your credentials stolen. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: NBTSTAT, HOSTNAME [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:800]