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Output Logging Registry Key LOGGING ENABLE IO/Outputs/Log DEFAULT enabled DESCRIPTION This key can be used to disable logging of all of the Relay Outputs. This setting requires a reboot. ENABLE BY OUTPUT IO/Outputs/[ROUT]/Log DEFAULT enabled DESCRIPTION This key can be optionally used to disable logging on an output by output basis. If an output is going to be rapidly changing the time spent in the logging process can degrade system performance. In such circumstances it is recommended that logging be disabled for the relay output. NOTES The logging process would impact performance significantly with Series 3 JNIOR (Models 310, 312 and 314). This was due to the fact that I/O changes were immediately logged to the jniorio.log file. With Series 4 JNIOR (Models 410, 412, 414 and 412DMX) I/O changes are queued in high-speed local memory. This process has little if any impact on performance. The jniorio.log file is then generated on-demand using the IOLOG console command. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: IOLOG [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:3462]