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IO/Outputs/[ROUT]/InitialState Registry Key NAME IO/Outputs/[ROUT]/InitialState DEFAULT undefined DESCRIPTION This key is used to define the initial behavior of relay outputs on boot.  The value defines a pulse duration in milliseconds where an entry of 0 indicates infinity. Setting the key to a value of 0 would effectively close the output.  Setting the key to a positive integer would cause the output to pulse for the duration defined by the value  An undefined or negative value (default) results in no action. NOTES On power up all relays are in the inactive state. By default that is the OPEN state where the contacts are not conducting. These are Normally Open (NO) contacts. Depending on the model certain relays may be reconfigured by internal jumper to be Normally Closed (NC). These would be conducting after boot. Consider this option if you need a relay to conduct when the JNIOR is powered down or after it reboots. [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:3331]