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IO/Inputs/[DIN]/Debounce Registry Key NAME IO/Inputs/[DIN]/Debounce DEFAULT 200 (milliseconds) DESCRIPTION This defines the Debounce Delay in milliseconds. Relays and switches have mechanical contacts which physically make or break a circuit. Rarely will the contacts come together solidly or separate decisively without bouncing (briefly making and breaking the circuit). This can raise havoc with digital latching and counting circuits that might be monitoring through the relay/switch contact. It can result in latching at the wrong time (when the relay opens for instance) or in extra counts. Both are undesirable. By default the JNIOR digital inputs are debounced . An input must remain quiet (not change) for the specified delay before any transition on that input will be processed (latched, counted or logged). This is sufficient to eliminate most all of the issues arising from contact bounce. A setting of 0 disables the debounce. In this case the JNIOR is capable of counting transitions occurring at rates up to roughly 1,800 per second. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: IO/Inputs/[DIN]/Latching, DEBOUNCE, DIN [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:2811]