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IO/Inputs/[DIN]/Count/Multiplier Registry Key NAME IO/Inputs/[DIN]/Count/Multiplier DEFAULT 0.0 DESCRIPTION When the Count Multiplier is set to 0.0 (default) the absolute counter value is displayed. When a non-zero multiplier is specified the value is used to scale the counter value for display. The scaled counter value is also used for count alarm trigger points. Input pulses are counted and each count may represent some incremental value of a quantity measured by the remote sensor. For instance each pulse might indicate that 5 gallons of water has passed through a flow sensor. Im this example you might set the multiplier IO/Inputs/[DIN]/Count/Multiplier to 5.0 and the reported units IO/Inputs/[DIN]/Count/Units to "Gallons". The WebUI would then report the accumulated gallons as measured. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: IO/Inputs/[DIN]/Count/SampleTime, IO/Inputs/[DIN]/Count/Units COUNTING, DIN [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:3050]