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IO/Inputs/[DIN]/Conditioning Registry Key NAME IO/Inputs/[DIN]/Conditioning DEFAULT 0 (Normal) DESCRIPTION The input state may be Cconditioned prior to being reported and after all other operations. By default the input state is as reported by the latching or debounce stages (Mode 0). You may configure inversion here or force the input to be always read as 0 (OFF) or 1 (ON). Note that counting and usage metering remain operational even when inputs are forced to a fixed state. The following settings are valid: 0 Normal (no change) 1 Inverted 2 Forced to 0 (OFF) state 3 Forced to 1 (ON) state A value other than those above will be handled as if set to the default. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: IO/Inputs/[DIN]/Debounce, DIN, INVERSION [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:2786]