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Power Up Getting Started GETTING UP AND RUNNING To get started with a JNIOR you will need a power supply or some source of power. In many cases the JNIOR ships in bulk to integrators and power supplies are obtained separately since they depend on the destination country. That often means that you might be handed a JNIOR without a power supply. Any roughly 12 VDC source capable of supplying at least 1 AMP will do fine. Power supplies for the JNIOR are supplied with the 4-position screw terminal connector. JNIORs purchased without power supplies come with a 5-piece Connector Kit containing the screw terminal blocks for the I/O and POWER connectors on the unit. There are 4 of the 8-position connectors and 1 with 4 positions for POWER. When power supplies are included a 4-piece Connector Kit is supplied with just the 8-position connectors given that the 4-position connector you need is already on the supply. You can cut the barrel connector off a suitable supply, strip and tin the wires as needed. See PWR for wiring details. With power applied to the JNIOR the Blue LED will illuminate. The Orange LED illuminates briefly during boot. This orange status LED has many uses and may flash at times to indicate activity. NOTES The Series 3 JNIOR used a Green LED to indicate power. The Series 3 units are not recommended for new applications. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: KEYBOARD, PWR, POWER_SUPPLY [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:473]