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FTP/UnixStyle Registry Key NAME FTP/UnixStyle DEFAULT disabled DESCRIPTION The specification for the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) does not specify the format for directory listings. Originally the detail was only for display and could be in the systemís native format. There are two generally used layouts. Systems based on the Windows operating system provide an MS-DOS style listing while most others provide a Unix format. JANOS provides the MS-DOS style by default. FTP clients typically now need to interpret the listing for graphical display and tracking of directory/folder content. Most client programs will detect the formatting and process the content as needed. Other clients might expect one style or the other. If an FTP client has difficulty retrieving the directory listing from the FTP Server you may set this Registry Key to enabled. The FTP Server will then supply the Unix formatted directory listing when requested. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: FTP/Server, FTPCLIENT [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:2318]