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Events/OnBoot/RunEnable Registry Key NAME Events/OnBoot/RunEnable DEFAULT enabled DESCRIPTION During boot applications defined by Run keys are started. Janos is a multi- tasking system and multiple programs can be running simultaneously. This Registry key can be used to temporarily disable program startup on boot. Programs will also not be started if the JNIOR is in SAFE MODE. If an application is responsible for a reboot loop, SAFE MODE may be required to regain control of the unit. You may want to work with your JNIOR without the added complication of background programs. The PS command can be used to display running processes. The KILL command can be used to stop processes. This Registry key can be used to prevent programs from running in the first place without a need to remove the associated Run keys. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: PS, KILL, SAFEMODE [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:1383]