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Events/OnBoot/Email Registry Key NAME Events/OnBoot/Email DEFAULT disabled DESCRIPTION When enabled this instructs JNIOR to send an Email Notification on Boot.  This requires that the JNIOR be properly configured for the network with access to an SMTP Email Server. The IpConfig/MailHost must be configured defining that Email Server. The correct username and password for logging into the Email Server must have been set using either the WebUI or IPCONFIG command. The account owner's Email Address must be properly defined by the IpConfig/EmailAddress key. The email capability can be tested from the command line using the SENDMAIL command. The Boot Notification email can be fully customized. The default message is relatively simple and conveys important system information. This is configured to send the notification to the account owner. The Subject is "Boot Notification" referencing also the JNIOR's Hostname. The message indicates that the JNIOR has completed booting. The text includes the content of the jniorboot.log file. The current jniorsys.log file is also attached. All of this is very helpful should the reboot come as a surprise. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: IpConfig/MailHost, IpConfig/EmailAddress, SENDMAIL, IPCONFIG, LOGS [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:1329]