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Email/Port Registry Key NAME Email/Port DEFAULT 25 DESCRIPTION The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is used for email delivery. This key may be used to specify a port as may be required by your MailHost. Note that the MailHost and any associated SMTP Authentication settings (Username and Password) are set by the IPCONFIG command. By default JANOS will utilize the STARTTLS capability if offered. The Email/StartTLS Registry key must be enabled. Port 25 is the standard SMTP port for mail delivery. This port may or may not require authentication (SMTP_AUTH). It may or may not support STARTTLS allowing for the encrypted transfer of content. JANOS will use SMTP_AUTH by default and if STARTTLS is supported will make the secure connection. Port 587 is the Mail Submission Agent (MSA) port which requires authentication (SMTP_AUTH). This port may also support STARTTLS. If STARTTLS is supported (and generally it is) JANOS will establish an encrypted connection and transfer content securely. Port 465 is the SMTPS port. This is like the MSA port in that it requires authentication before mail can be submitted. It also requires that a SSL/TLS encrypted connection be established initially. The STARTTLS option is not used. For JANOS to properly transfer mail using this port the Email/SMTPS Registry key must be enabled. Note that JANOS can successfully post email using any of the above three ports. Generally the email content will be transferred securely using an encrypted connection. That assumes the availability of the STARTTLS option. But if you need to be absolutely certain of a secure transfer, use port 465 and enable the Email/SMTPS key. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: IPCONFIG, Email/SMTPS, Email/StartTLS, Email/SMTPS [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:1671]