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ZIP/JAR Compression Registry Key OVERVIEW JANOS supports ZIP library files. In fact the WebServer uniquely uses a ZIP library to create virtual folders allowing an entire website to be contained within a single file. Applications written in Java utilize a JAR library which is nothing more than a renamed ZIP file. ZIP/JAR files usually contain multiple files in an efficient compressed form. The compression is performed when files are added to a library. While there are optional compression algorithms, JANOS supports the DEFLATE compression. This is compatible with libraries generated by most systems. The ARC command, and its aliases ZIP and JAR, can be used at the command line to manage a compressed library file. When adding files the necessary compression is handled by JANOS. There are a couple of options affecting the compression procedure and these are controlled by Registry settings. Changes in these settings do not affect the ability to extract files from libraries generated with other settings by the JNIOR or any remote PC. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: ZIP [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:3823]