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COMSerial/Flow Registry Key NAME COMSerial/Flow DEFAULT 0 (NO_CONTROL) DESCRIPTION The default setting is NO_CONTROL or 0 meaning that no flow control or handshaking is used. For the COM RS-232 port the valid settings are: 0 (NO_CONTROL) 4 (XONXOFF_IN) 8 (XONXOFF_OUT) 12 (XONXOFF) The COM port does not support hardware handshaking. The XONXOFF_IN handshake transmits the XOFF character (Ctrl-S 0x13) when internal buffers reach capacity to hopefully hold off the incoming data. The XON character (Ctrl-Q 0x11) is later sent to resume communications. Similarly in XONXOFF_OUT mode the COM port listens for the XOFF character and stops transmission when received. When a subsequent XON character is received the communications resume. Both the XON and XOFF characters are filtered from the stream. The XONXOFF setting applies these rules bidirectionally. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: COM_PORT, ASCII [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:3793]