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COMSerial/BootDialog Registry Key NAME COMSerial/BootDialog DEFAULT enabled DESCRIPTIOTN The COM port by default supplies reports during the boot process. Once the unit is up and running this port can also be used to access the command line console. When the port is employed in communicating with another device these messages can cause protocol issues. The unwanted messages can be disabled using this Registry key. Note that the application program should also disable the boot dialog and command line capabilities to insure reliable port use. This is done using the com.integpg.comm.COMSerialPort.setBootDialog() static method. This can also be controlled from the command line using the MODE -S command. Diagnostic port information is included in the jniorboot.log file. This eliminates the prior need to observe the boot through the serial port while debugging. Additionally, the jniorboot.log.bak file accumulates prior boot detail providing an expanded record of boot detail. NOTES Log retention can be greatly expanded by running the JBakup utility. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: COM_PORT, MODE, JBAKUP [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:3702]