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Authentication Security BASIC AUTHENTICATION Access to the JNIOR is password controlled. All protocols provide for a means of login which requires the entry of a username and password. If those connections are not secure (such as standard browser access using HTTP as opposed to HTTPS) then both the username and password may be transferred in clear text. These are easily compromised by the simplest of techniques. To insure security, you MUST be sure that ALL protocols are set to require password authentication. Otherwise, even when SSL secure connections are made anyone will be able to alter and/or control your JNIOR. Not all protocols that are typically used in the industry provide for a standard means of password authentication. MODBUS is an example of this. The JNIOR does extend these protocols providing such a means but this must be specifically enabled through this Registry and may require changes to the connecting client. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: DEFAULT_ACCOUNTS [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:920]