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JMP Protocol AUTH-DIGEST The JMP connection requires a login and will respond with a "401 Unauthorized" error text pending a successful login. The server provides a unique "Nonce" string as part of this message. This can be used in conjunction with the username and password to calculate the appropriate Authorization Digest. This requires a MD5 message digest calculation which generates a 16 byte digest represented as 32 hexadecimal characters. The calculation proceeds as follows: Digest = Username + ":" + MD5(Username + ":" + Nonce + ":" + Password) Where Username, Password, Nonce and Digest are all strings. The resulting Digest string is returned in the "Auth-Digest" member. Here is an example login with the default administrator's account. TRANSMITTED RECEIVED { "Message":"" } { "Message":"Error", "Text":"401 Unauthorized", "Nonce":"bc581a9683d3e1857218db135e4b" } { "Auth-Digest":"jnior:6b7b418f223e7e0dc600c41c7b6644b3" } { "Message":"Authenticated", "Administrator":true, "Control":true } NOTES The login requirement can be disabled. This creates a huge security vulnerability and is to be highly discouraged. Do not disable login requirements. [/flash/manpages/protocol.hlp:1780]