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AUXSerial/Flow Registry Key NAME AUXSerial/Flow DEFAULT 0 (NO_CONTROL) DESCRIPTION The default setting is NO_CONTROL or 0 meaning that no flow control or handshaking either by hardware or software is used. For the AUX port the valid settings are: 0 (NO_CONTROL) 1 (RTSCTS_IN) 2 (RTSCTS_OUT) 3 (RTSCTS) 4 (XONXOFF_IN) 8 (XONXOFF_OUT) 12 (XONXOFF) The RTSCTS_IN setting uses the available CTS hardware handshake line to control the flow of data from an external source (IN). To hold off incoming data the JNIOR activates the CTS line when internal buffers near capacity. In RTSCTS_OUT mode the AUX port monitors the RTS line and stops transmission when it is activated. The RTSCTS mode employs the handshake bidirectionally. The XONXOFF_IN handshake transmits the XOFF character (Ctrl-S 0x13) when internal buffers reach capacity to hold off the incoming data. The XON character (Ctrl-Q 0x11) is later sent to resume communications. Similarly in XONXOFF_OUT mode the AUX port listens for the XOFF character and stops transmission when received. When a subsequent XON character is received the communications resume. Both the XON and XOFF characters are filtered from the stream. The XONXOFF setting applies these rules bidirectionally. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: AUX_PORT, AUX_RS485, ASCII [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:3617]