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AUX Serial Registry Key BAUDRATE AUXSerial/Baudrate DEFAULT 115200 (115.2 kBaud) DESCRIPTION The default baud rate is 115.2K baud. The communications baud rate may be modified through this Registry key either directly, by application program or using the WebUI. Valid settings are: 250000, 128000, 115200, 57600, 38400, 31250, 28800, 19200, 14400, 9600, 4800, 2400, 1200, 600, 300, 150, and 110 The 250K baud setting is for supporting the DMX512 standard used by stage lighting equipment over RS-485. DATABITS AUXSerial/Databits DEFAULT 8 (bits) DESCRIPTION The default setting is 8 data bits. Valid settings are 7 and 8. The 7 data bit mode is most often used with either ODD or EVEN parity wherein the parity bit is added maintaining the normal 8 bit stream. STOPBITS AUXSerial/Stopbits DEFAULT 1 (bits) DESCRIPTION The default setting is 1 stop bit. Valid settings are 1 or 2. The typical asynchronous receiver always recognizes the end of a character using a single stop bit since there can be any amount of time between characters unless the protocol specifically sets a timeout. The transmitter uses this stop bit setting to stretch the minimum time between characters by one extra bit time. PARITY AUXSerial/Parity DEFAULT NONE DESCRIPTION The default setting is for No Parity (NONE or 0). Valid settings are 0, 2 and 3 where 0 means No Parity or NONE, 2 indicates EVEN parity and 3 ODD parity. An additional bit is added to the transmitted stream when EVEN or ODD parity is specified. When either EVEN or ODD is specified the received data is expected to contain a parity bit which is checked and removed. This bit is in addition to that specified by the data bit setting. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: AUX_PORT, AUX_FLOW [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:3554]